Yearling Ivory Blood Python

Blood Python for sale 

Blood python for sale is a species of nonvenomous snake in the family Pythonidae. The species is native to Southeast Asia. Blood Pythons Are Terrestrial Snakes Living Their Lives On The Forest Floor Blending In With The Leaf Litter And Attacking Prey By Surprise. What to know about Blood Python for sale

Yearling Ivory Blood Python

The color pattern of P. brongersmai consists of rich, bright red to orange to a duller rusty red ground color. Although populations with yellow and brown are known. This is overlaid with yellow and tan blotches and stripes that run the length of the body, as well as tan and black spots that extend up the flanks. The belly is white, often with small black markings. The head is usually a shade of grey; individual snakes can change how light and dark the head is. A white postocular stripe runs down and back from the posterior edge of the eye.

lifespan of python

P. brongersmai can live up to about 20 years in captivity

how big do pythons get 

Hatchlings of P. brongersmai range from 25–43 cm (10–17 in) in total length (including tail). Adult males typically range from 91–152 cm (36–60 in) in total length. And females between 120–180 cm (48–72 in) although a few have been recorded at 240 cm (96 in). These snakes generally look overweight due to their robust structure.

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    I love my ivory blood python… she came in perfectly. It’s great doing business with you reptilesevolution

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