5-6 Foot Green Iguanas
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5-6 Foot Green Iguanas

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  • Iguana iguana
  • Florida Wild Caught
  • Approximately 5-6 Feet In Length From Head To Tail
  • Feeding On Vegetables Such As Collard Greens, Romaine, Kale, Carrots, And Iguana Diet
  • (This is a special order animal. It should be ready to ship about 1 week after your order is placed)

green iguana for sale

green Iguana for sale can range from 1.5 to 1.8 m (5 to 6 ft) in length, including their tails. These lizards possess a dewlap and a row of elongated scales running from the midline of their necks down to their tails. Iguanas have varying types of scales covering different areas of their body, for example, some large, round tuberculate scales are scattered around the lateral region of the neck among smaller, overlapping scales

The scales on the dorsal trunk of their bodies are also thicker and more tightly packed than those on the ventral sides. These scales may be a variety of colors and are not always visible from close distances. They have a large, round scale on their cheeks known as a subtympanic shield

green iguana st george

Iguanas tend to follow a promiscuous or polygynadrous mating style during the dry season. Mating during the dry season ensures that their offspring will hatch during the wet or rainy season when food will be more plentiful


  • With Good Care And Handling These Iguanas Can Live Up To 15-20 Years
  • Originating From South Mexico To South America And The Caribbean
  • These Lizards Require Large Cages And Should Be Kept Alone Or With Females Only

Do Not House Multiple Males Together

5-6 Foot Green Iguanas

5-6 Foot Green Iguanas very smart

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