Porcellio Dilatatus

Porcellio Dilatatus



Porcellio Dilatatus for sale

Porcellio dilatatus for sale, ‘Giant Canyon’ Isopod is a large isopod that reproduces fast and grows to just under 1″ in length – these things are huge! Once established, their colony recovers quickly from harvesting.  This makes them one of our favorite isopods for bioactive setups. They like it a bit drier than most other isopod species, allowing them to be used with a wide variety of reptile species.

Porcellio dilatatus for sale Giant Canyon’ Isopods make a great clean up crew in a bioactive setup or naturalistic vivarium. They are large, active, and a great clean up crew for dried vivaria, as long as humid refuges are provided.

In rare cases, starving isopods may attempt to consume the carapace of freshly molted invertebrates or even gnaw on small or delicate reptiles or amphibians. We strongly recommend providing supplemental food to your clean up crew in the enclosure. When in doubt, using dwarf species of isopods, such as Dwarf.

porcellio dilatatus size

Giant Canyon isopods will grow to be over 3/4” in length, and will reproduce quickly once established in your setup. Their shells have a rough texture and grayish brown coloration. Very similar to Porcellio scaber, but the Giant Canyon gets much larger, and will burrow more than some of the other Porcellio species.

Sex determination, Mating and reproducing of isopods

before you can start breeding your own isopods, you should make sure you have both genders in the tank. The clearest gender identification feature of all isopods can be found on the underside. To do this you carefully grab the isopod or put it into a transparent vessel and look at the end of the abdomen. I use reading glasses for this, of course you can also use a magnifying glass to see the differences better. From the shape of the segment plates you can see that the male isopods have a pointed arch and the females have a rectangular shape.


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